Arwa Alsubhi       

      "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." Albert Einstein

About Me

I'm a Ph.D. candidate in the computer science division at Clemson University. After earning my master's degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Summer 2016, I join PERSIST Lab in Spring 2017 to explore the Embedded System research area under Dr. Jacob Sorber guidance. Also, I'm a collaborator with HATLab group led by Dr.Bart Knijnenburg to work on Human-Centered Computing (HCC) interesting topics. [My CV]

My Research

My main focus is designing and programming new batteryless devices that can be used in a wildlife tracking, smart building, and health monitoring. These devices are tiny, ultra low power, and using its environment to harvest energy (solar, RF, or kinetic) for its operations. Also, I work on human-centric designs to enhance user experience in both software and hardware.


 Can Crystal Oscillators Keep Time Without Power?
Arwa Alsubhi, Nicole Tobias, Simeon Babatunde, and Jacob Sorber.
The 8th International Workshop on Energy Harvesting and Energy-Neutral Sensing Systems, 2020  [PDF]

Privacy at a Glance: The User-Centric Design of Glanceable Data Exposure Visualizations
 Daricia Wilkinson, Paritosh Bahirat, Moses Namara, Jing Lyu, Arwa Alsubhi, Jessica Qiu, Pamela Wisniewski, and Bart P. Knijnenburg.
PoPETs 2020. [PDF]

Shopping for Clothes: From Meeting Individual Needs to Socializing
Pratitee Sinha, Arwa Alsubhi, Saroj Dash, Lijie Guo, and Bart P. Knijnenburg
British HCI 2017 [PDF]

Design and usability testing of a user interface for three-way document merging
Arwa Alsubhi
, and Ethan Munson
DChanges 2016 [PDF]

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