(Web) LectureScribe

LectureScribe is a simple web-based application (available here) that allows you to record handwritten "whiteboard lectures" along with audio to produce light-weight instructional videos that can be easily viewed on any web or mobile platform. Here is a short example video explaining some of its features.

The program was written by Brian C. Dean, an associate professor of computer science at Clemson Univeristy, to develop supplemental instructional content for his courses and for an upcoming algorithms book.

Please feel welcome to make use of the program for your own instructional needs. The web version of the program is fairly new so please let me know if you encounter any issues with it. I'm always interested in hearing about use of the program by others, so if you use LectureScribe in your own classes, please feel welcome to let me know or to send me an example video!

Some quick notes:
Current issues / bugs: