Donald H. House

Professor Emeritus

Division of Visual Computing, School of Computing

Clemson University

Having retired in 2017, Dr. Donald House was the founding chair of the Division of Visual Computing in the School of Computing at Clemson University, where his mission was to develop the faculty, curricula, and research agendas of the Division. The Division of Visual Computing houses most of the faculty supporting Clemson's unique M.F.A. and M.S. programs in Digital Production Arts, and an undergraduate Minor in Digital Production Arts. The Division also supports M.S. and Ph.D. specializations in Visual Computing. Visual Computing is conceived to encompass a number of disciplines bearing on image making, image manipulation and image understanding within a computing context. These include Animation and Visual Effects, Computer Graphics, Visualization, Visual Perception, and Visual Storytelling.

Dr. House's previous positions were at Texas A&M University, where he played a key role in the development of their Visualization graduate program and was a founding member of their Department of Visualization, and at Williams College, where he was a founding member of their Computer Science Department.

He and John Keyser have recently published an introductory book Foundations of Physically Based Modeling and Animation. The supporting website for the book can be found at: House & Keyser, Book Website. The book is organized as a textbook, and can be used to support several levels of curriculum design from mid-level undergraduate to graduate. It is particularly aimed at the student or professional seeking an introduction to how Physics can be used to fashion a variety of animated phenomena, from particle systems to fluid dynamics. It is designed to serve as a solid introduction to the field preparing the reader to delve into more advanced material in the research literature.

Donald H. House