Course Descriptions, Data, Code

CPSC 8220
Course Description
Kyouko3 Hardware Reference Manual
Project #1
binary driver for Kyouko3 graphics card
assembly syscall example
changing signal handlers
Last Year's Midterm Exam
Last Year's Final Exam

CPSC 4050/6050
Course Description
CIE Matching Functions
Color Models
Project #1
Mystery Color Spectrum
example spectrum: R,G,B = 0.840782, 0.219115, 0.413645
Color (class slides)
A Basic, Wireframe Cube
A Solid, Lighted Cube
OpenGL fixed function Lighting
Anti-aliasing with Accumulation Buffer
Depth of Field with Accumulation Buffer
Motion Blur with Accumulation Buffer
Vertex Arrays
Vertex Arrays and VBOs
Project #2
Stanford Bunny (Turk,Levoy)
.ply format
Vertex/Fragment Shader I/O
GLSL example 1
GLSL example 2
Phong shading in world coordinates
Phong shading in eye coordinates
Texture Access from a Shader
Hemispherical Sky Texture
Environment Lighting
Depth Map Shadows
Shadow Maps
Transparency (blending)
Fog (blending)
Previous Midterm Exam (Spring, 2016)
Shaders for Normal Maps
teapot .obj file
teapot sample material library
Project #3
Illumination Modeling - Part 1
Illumination Modeling - Part 2
Illumination Modeling - Part 3
Filtering Normal Maps
Geometry Shader
Another Geometry Shader
Hello World OGL 4.5
Linear Algebra for 4.5
Displacement Mapping
Last Year's Final Exam

CPSC/ECE 4780/6780
Course Description
Hello World in OpenCL
Local GPUs
Project 1
Test vector1 (1024x1024) for Project 1
Test vector2 (1024x1024) for Project 1
Test vector3 (1024x512+1) for Project 1
Test vector4 (1024x512+1) for Project 1
Matrix*vector on multiple GPUs
Hello World in OpenGL
OpenGL Vertex Arrays and VBOs
Simple Particle System
Particle System with VV integration
Mandelbrot Set
Project 2
Elementary OpenGL Texture Mapping
Conway's Game of Life
Heat Flow in a Rod - Code
Heat Flow in a Rod - Derivation
Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves code
Hello World in CUDA
Simple CUDA color->grayscale
Midterm Exam, Fall '15
Project 3
Performance Issues
Wavelet Transform
Peer Access
RDMA example
Elementary Ray-Tracing
Ray-Tracing, box, texture
Ray-Tracing, transparency
Workqueue Example
Final Exam, Fall '15