Puzzles and games
Wayne Goddard
  1. KenKen. I wrote software to create KenKen problems. Here are some examples: Intro | Five by five | Six by six | Seven by seven

  2. MasterMind. I have always been interested in how a human or computer should play MasterMind or CodeBreaker. Here are some papers I wrote.

  3. Final Jeopardy. Things have changed a bit, but it seems that the contestants on the guiz show Jeopardy make poor final wagers. Here is a draft of a paper that discusses that.

  4. Domino Magic Squares. A student worked on the idea of making a magic square (meanings row sums and column sums are the same) out of dominoes. We wrote it up here.

  5. Tetrominoes
  6. Bridge
  7. Game Trees
  8. Hollywood Squares
  9. Sports Rankings
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