William Eisen, AGASHA: MASTER OF WISDOM, His Philosophy and Teachings, DeVORSS & Co., Marina del Rey, CA, 1977, 352 pp.


"Just who is the Master Teacher Agasha who has returned once more in the 20th century? Just who is this "voice" that manifests and lectures through the entranced Richard Zenor? The words and the philosophy and the wisdom so taught are truly eloquent, but one might ask who he is as an individual, and from where has he come. From what fountain of knowledge did he receive his wisdom, and how did he attain it? "What are his credentials?" one might ask, "and how has he the authority to know the truth?" He has always claimed that he will eventually prove every statement he makes, but how is this to be accomplished? If it is the truth, how can we know that it is so? He states that he returns to us from a consciousness of "knowing," where he no longer has to only believe. But where is this consciousness, and how is it different from ours?

"These are the questions the astute reader is likely to ask, but their answers will not be immediately forthcoming until he has made a thorough, conscientious study of this entire volume. This work promises to be possibly one of the most amazing and enlightening biographies or histories of our time, for it takes the reader on a truly fascinating journey into the past, not only to a pre-dynastic, enlightened Eqyptian civilization of 7,000 years ago - which, incidentally, was the last earthly incarnation of this great Teacher of Light - but also way back 172,000 years to the time of the great continent of Atlantis.

"Yes, indeed, this great saga of Agasha - which comprises his trials, his tribulations, and his achievements down through the centuries - teaches one of the grandest philosophies of life ever known unto mankind, for it brings the Ancient Wisdom teachings back into the 20th century once more. It could be said that these simple teachings of the Masters are forever and always ONE, for they relate to the Universal Consciousness that men call GOD."



William Eisen, THE AGASHAN DISCOURSES, The Agashan Teachers Sspeak on the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Life on the Earth Plane, DeVORSS & Co., Marina del Rey, CA, 1978, 368 pp.


"In the first volume, Agasha: Master of Wisdom, the reader was told of the great saga or narrative aspect of Agasha because it was basically a history or a biography of this great sage. Some of the philosophy was expressed therein, true; but the vast bulk of his philosophical thought has been reserved for the second volume in this series, titled THE AGASHAN DISCOURSES.

"In this volume, the reader is introduced to the sage or teaching aspect of Agasha. The Agashan Discourses is therefore a compilation of a total of 16 different talks on a variety of subjects. Furthermore, these discourses are given by the Teachers themselves, in their own words, and in their own style and manner.

"Here, the reader may actively participate in discussions relative to the myserties of his own Being. Here, you may imagine that you are yourself attending the classes and listening as the Teachers speak directly to you, the reader, no matter where you be at the moment. You may quite reasonably do this because the classes are eternal, and the truths expressed on any one evening are equally as valid on any other evening.

"The topics cover reincarnation and the rebirth process; the law of evolution; your life in the ethereal world after so-called physical death; the etheric planes; karma, or the law of cause and effect; the anim, the soul of the atom; some questions and their answers about a few basic aspects of life; your soul pattern; the mechanics of soul projection and some practical information on how to achieve out-of-the-body experiences; the true story of the life of Jesus of Nazareth as realted by that masterful storyteller, Kraio himself; some information relative to cycles, number, and vibration; the soul atom, yhour individual Spark of Divinity; your original birth in the great Core of Life; your journey through the Cosmos up to where you are today; and lalstly, your final manifestation as a veritable god in the 16th and concluding discourse called "Pillars of Light."



Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and James Allen McCarty, The RA Material, An Ancient Astronaut Speaks, Whitford Press, West Chester, PA, 1984, 229 pp.


"Who are the ancient astronauts? Why did they first come to Earth? Why are they returning now? What part did they play in building the great monuments of antiquity? What part did they play in the formation of present and earlier civilizations? With what other beings do we share our universe? And where does the Earth fit into the cosmic scheme of things?

"Almost twnety years of experimental work with telepathy led to the "breakthrough" contact recorded in this book. THE RA MATERIAL is an account not only of the events leading up to this contact, but of over 200 pages of verbatim transcripts of each and every conversation!

"I just finished THE RA MATERIAL. You have truly made the best cosmic connection I have seen in my lifetime. The contact and the wisdom the world needs for now. Great work!" - Andrija Puharich, M.D."

[*****one of the best five books I have read on metaphysics, and easily one of the deepest and most profound.]



Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle, You Are Becoming A Galactic Human, S.E.E. Publ., Santa Clara, CA, 1994, 238 pp.