CpSc 875 Resources



slides for April 4th and 9th

slides for March 28th

midterm exam key

slides for Mar 7th, 2019

Generic Bus

This is a link to the documentation template. The link in the slides is no longer valid

slides for Feb 28, 2019

slides for Feb 28, 2019

slides for Feb 26, 2019

slides for Feb 19, 2019

slides for Feb 14, 2019

slides for Feb 7, 2019

slides for Feb 7, 2019

slides for Feb 5, 2019

slides for Jan 31, 2019

slides for Jan 29, 2019

slides for Jan 24, 2019 which are the samee as the slides for Jan 22 but modified to have assignment information

slides for Jan 22, 2019

slides for Jan 15 and 17, 2019

slides for Jan 10, 2019

-------------Above this line is Spring 2019 resources---------

latest project requirements (as of April 7th)

slides for Apr 5, 2018

slides for Mar 29, 2018

slides for Mar 29, 2018

initial project requirements

slides for Mar 13, 2018

slides for Mar 1, 2018

slides for Feb 22, 2018

slides for Feb 22, 2018

slides for Feb 20, 2018

slides for Feb 15, 2018

slides for Feb 13, 2018

slides for Feb 13, 2018

slides for Feb 6, 2018

slides for Feb 1, 2018

slides for Jan 25, 2018

slides for Jan 25, 2018

slides for Jan 11, 2018

-----------------------Start of Spring 2018 semester

key to final exam







project criteria

slides for Mar 7th

exam key

slides for homework

slides for Feb 22nd

slides for Feb 21st

slides for Feb 13th

slides for Feb 9th

slides for Feb 7th

slides for Feb 2nd

slides for January 31th

slides for January 24th

slides for January 24th

slides for January 24th

slides for January 17th

start of Spring 2017 semester slides for January 12th


slides for Apr x19th

slides for Apr 5th

slides for Mar 29th

slides for Mar 24nd

revised slides for Mar 22nd and Mar 24th

slides for Mar 22nd

slides for Mar 10th

slides for Mar 8th

example project

slides for Mar 3rd

slides for Mar 1st

slides for Feb 25th

key for exam Feb 23rd

slides for Feb 16th

slides for Feb 11th

slides for Feb 9th

slides for Feb 4th

slides for Feb 2nd

slides for Jan 28th

isolette model project

slides for Jan 26st


slides for Jan 19

slides for Jan 14

slides for Jan 12

slides for Jan 7

OSATE2.2 zip

-----------------------Begin Spring 2016 semester ------------

key for final exam

slides for April 21st

slides for April 16th

slides for April 14th

slides for April 9th

slides for April 7th

producer_consumer example from Tuesday's class

slides for April 2nd

slides for March 31st

slides for March 26th

slides for March 24th

slides for March 10th

slides for March 5th

key for midterm exam

slides for Feb 18th

slides for Feb 18th

AADL projects for simple cruise control

slides for Feb 12th

slides for Feb 10th

AADL code for feedback control loop

slides for Feb 5th

slides for Jan 29th

slides for Jan 27th

slides for Jan 22th

slides for Jan 20th

slides for Jan 15th

slides for Jan 13th

slides for Jan 8th

---------------------------begin Spring 2015---------------

slides for real options formula

slides for April 23rd

agile architecture pdf for April 18

agile architecture pdf for April 18

pdf on cloud computing for April 18

critical code report

ESB pdf for April 16fth

agile pdf for April 16th

slides for April 9

slides for Fault Tree Analysis

slides for April 4

slides for March 28 and April 2

slides for March 26

slides for March 12

A second AADL model that works with Ocarina

An AADLv2 model that works with Ocarina

key for exam of Mar 7th


PDF of slides for class on Feb 26th

PDF of slides for class on Feb 24th

PDF of slides for class on Feb 19th

PDF of slides for class on Feb 14th

AADL code for anti-lock braking system

PDF of slides for class on Feb 12th

PDF of slides for class on Feb 7th

PDF of slides for class on Feb 5th

zip of the ClientServer AADL code

new infotainment mind map

new version of xmind model of software architecture

PDF of slides for class on Jan 29th

PDF of slides for class on Jan 22nd and 24th

PDF of slides for class on Jan 22nd and 24th

PDF of slides for class on Jan 22nd

replacement for previous c3 file

xmind diagram

PDF of slides for class 3

PDF of slides for class 2

PDF of slides for class 1

--------------------Start of Spring 2013--------------------------------------

NASA software architecture document

a pocket guide to secure software

a client server implementation in AADL

brief intro to AADL

material to be read for Feb 1

This is the published website for the EPF content in expanded form

This is the published result for the EPF content, in a zip file

Here is the XML export to use with the EPF tool. Open EPF, import cpsc875.xml and it should do the rest

Midterm exam Feb 28th - Check out example exams online

paper found by Siddarth on DSM - Thanks

paper found by Toni-thanks

Surgical robot video thanks to Landy

Another surgical robot video found by Landy

Reference Architecture best practice

Corrected link to Vamos paper

AADL Behavior Annex slides from aadl.info

the property file for ocarina

aadl file for ocarina

Key for final exam Spring 2012

slides for April 24

example for April 17

roadmap example for April 12

sustainability - April 12

transaction processing - April 10

aadl file for cheddar

Apr 3 slides

Mar 27 slides

Mar 15 slides

Mar 13 slides

Mar 6 slides

Feb 21 slides

Feb 16 slides

Feb 14 slides

Feb 9 slides - NEW VERSION Feb 14

Feb 7 slides

Feb 2 class slides

Jan 31 class slides

Jan 26 class slides

Jan 24 class slides

Jan 19 class slides

Jan 17 class slides

Jan 17 class slides

Jan 12 class slides

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start of the Spring 2012 semester ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

dump of textbook April 8

dump of textbook April 1

dump of textbook

dump of textbook

code for the AGM product line

more complex client/server aadl for ocarina

simple client/server aadl for ocarina

ocarina tutorial

export of textbook

midterm exam key

raw dump - for Feb 23rd

raw dump - last refreshed at 2:10 pm on the 16th

current textbook in published form

Paper on personal information management

Feb 9th dump of textbook

This is an AADL project that can be imported into OSATE. It illustrates defining and using a property set. It also shows one use for modes.

Feb 4th textbook dump

OSATE AADL project used in the instantiation tutorial and in the handout

Feb 2nd dump of EPF

flash tutorial instantiating an AADL model

Mid-term exam -- Thursday, Feb 25

Next dump of Architecture method

Page contains slides and audio of a webinar on software product lines. Listen before class on January 28th

You do not need to download OSATE. The AADL capability is built into Topcased. Go to New | AADL Wizards | AADL Project and create an AADL project. Then New|AADL Wizards|AADL Model to be able to create a model.

January 21 dump of EPF.

Ranking of the top ten quality attributes

Jan 15th dump of EPF - Note the last item in the intro section is the first cut at the feature model for CPAS.

CTAS documentation


QAW Participant Handbook

Flash file for the tutorial

Browser page to start the tutorial

Exported EPF Workspace

Register for this webinar from the SEI

-------------------Spring 2010----------------------------------

Here is the "fix" to my instructions on how to use ArchE. First you must start the reasoning framework you wish to use by : A possible cause of the problem can be that, in the new ArchE version, reasoning frameworks have to be manually started manually by the user. If none of the reasoning frameworks are activated, no relationships exist and no scenarios can be defined/saved/analyzed ... If you haven't activated the available reasoning frameworks(e.g., modifiability or performance), try the following: Go to Window -> Show View -> Other... -> ArchE External RF Samples and click on the ChangeImpactModifiability RF View. Then click on the "Start" button on the bottom panel. This should activate the modifiability reasoning framework and show some colors on the modifiability scenarios of the Scenarios panel. After the modifiability reasoning framework is started, a list of dependency responsibilities should appear, and you should be able to create/edit/save modifiability scenarios (selecting the right scenario type in the combobox of the Scenario dialog). A similar procedure should be followed to activate the performance reasoning framework, and see performance relationships and create/edit/save performance scenarios. 2. When creating a scenario, after selecting "New scenario" and seeing a dialog box, look just below the text box for the scenario text. The box is labeled "type". The dropdown will list the reasoning frameworks that are active. Select the one you want and it will be populated. 3. When you save the scenario the reasoning framework will fire. Watch the lower left corner to see the progress bar. This should do it. Another tip: Go to Project -> Persist Factbase This will save the scenarios, responsibilities, etc in teh database. Just using Save in the menu will not

interesting blog

Software reconstruction

Nasa Study

PVTOL presentation

AMD multi-core

Good reference on qualities

Dual software bus architecture

Self-adaptive architecture

Taxonomy of Variation Mechanisms

Modeling System Families in AADL

ATAM tech report

First research paper to review - use the Usenix review criteria below

midterm exam key 09

error modeling in AADL

SOA slides

SOA slides

a compressed version of the published form of the EPF configuration

EPF workspace

short paper on single ventricle physiology

zip file for the assignment due April 22th -- the EPF can be found at www.eclipse.org/epf

Software Design as an investment activity -- to be read by Thursday April 10

tech report on modeling product families

volume 2

Volume 1

new version

Paper on streaming video server architecture

Paper on streaming video

paper about Apache Server architecture

Microkernel pattern

The link to the ADeS download. The AADL page takes you to a deadend page

A presentation on ADeS

Quality Attribute Workshop Final Report

Quality Attribute Workshop Participant's Handbook

Summary of ISO 9126

Download tech report 07tr005 here.

Download ArchE here.

client/server project

Description of the iTiger project"

The url for the svn repository for the iTiger requirements is: intelligentstad.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/intelligentstad

Link to the requirements for iTiger

Link to topcased zips

Key to final exam



paper to report on. URL will probably only work on campus. A Survey of Software Architecture Analysis Methods, Transactions on Software Engineering, V28, N7, 2002.



Go to the AADL info page and look on the right hand side for a link to ADes



template for software documentation



Key for 2007 mid-term exam



OGSA specification



ADD version 2.0



Obje Framework



JSR 232 architecture



Java Micro Edition



Mobile Computing



Responsibility-Driven Design



Doug Schmidt's page on Pattern-Oriented Architecture



IBM's page of architectural patterns for e-business



For the research paper review. Follow this link to the Usenix paper evaluation criteria. Use the characteristics described as being for a good paper to structure your critique of the paper. Each summary should be about one page of summary and one page of evaluation. The link is Usenix criteria

Quality Attribute Workshop



Security Reasoning framework template



Usability Reasoning framework template



Reasoning framework template



use case description templates



Visio AADL templates



Modifiability metric-includes documentation?



Adaptability metric-includes documentation - Updated April 15th 11am



Complexity metric



Complexity metric documentation



Usability metric - new zip file for deploying



Usability metric documentation



Some architecture metrics



USENIX paper review guidelines



large aadl file on Display System



a second, not as large aadl example



source for just the switch classes



source for my example plug-in



List of ATAM scenarios



Eclipse web site



AADL information site



SEI TR on Architetcural Styles



Documenting Software Architectures Book



Using UML2.0 to document architectures



J2EE slides



Cutter Exchange articles on Business and Architecture


Stal's slides on middleware components


Completed ATAM evaluation final report


Attribute-based Product Line Architecture Development for Embedded Systems

























Documenting Architectures





Software Engineering Instituteís architecture website




Software Productivity Consortiumís architecture website




Software Productivity Consortiumís ArchitectureLine newsletter




Institute for Software Research




Bredemeyer Consulting


Honeywell's DSSA Page