A Language and Runtime for Perpetual Systems


Eon is the first energy-aware programming language. It is a declarative coordination language and runtime system designed to simplify the development of perpetual systems by separating program logic from energy management. Using Eon, the system designer describes program operation as well as how the program can be adjusted in order to conserve energy. During operation the Eon runtime system automatically adjust the program in order to sustain operation based on online measurements of energy harvest and per-task energy consumption.

Eon has been developed as part of the UMass TurtleNet project.


Faculty: Mark Corner, Emery Berger

Students: Jacob Sorber, Alexander Kostadinov, Matthew Garber, Matthew Brennan



eon-0.3.tar.gz LICENSE README
At some point in the future updates to eon will hopefully be available in the tinyos-2.x-contrib tree.