Jerry Tessendorf

Professor of Visual Computing, Clemson University
Faculty Fellow of the Hagler Institute for Advanced Study, Texas A&M University

Recent Projects
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AMPAS Technical Achievement Award 2008
To Jonathan Cohen, Dr. Jerry Tessendorf, Dr. Jeroen Molemaker and Michael Kowalski for the development of the system of fluid dynamics tools at Rhythm and Hues. This system allows artists to create realistic animation of liquids and gases, using novel simulation techniques for accuracy and speed, as well as a unique scripting language for working with volumetric data.

Older Projects
Volumetric Sim Visualization Galaxy Sim Visualization
WaveTools iWave particles bamf
noise shader hair under water RenderWorld

Co-chair with Eugene Fiume of the Symposium on Computer Animation 2008, July 7-9, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland