RenderWorld was (is? - I do not know if anyone maintains the code anymore) a combination of natural phenomenon simulator and renderer. The renderer was tightly coupled to the physical effects. RenderWorld could simulate/render oceans, clouds, atmospheres, and land. It was probably to most extremely realistic software product on the market for those particular types of scenes. It was also a very closed system - without shaders, plugins, or api - and hence doomed to failure as a commercial product. But even 15+ years later the image and animation quality from RenderWorld still hold up.

What made RenderWorld different at the time was that it came directly from a scientific engineering world, in which simulation and rendering quality were extremely important, but only within a very narrow range of performance requirements. It was a bit lucky and amazing that we were able to take those algorithms and apply them to the field of feature film graphics, where imperfections and limitations have a way of being laid bare and pounded on.

List of Movies, TV Shows, Games, and Commericials that used RenderWorld

RenderWorld was used in a number of feature films, tv shows, games, and commercials. I am trying to keep a fairly comprehensive list of those projects, so if you know of one that is not on the list below, please let me know at

The images and movies below are from RenderWorld tests, and from productions that used RenderWorld. The images were generated between 1993 and 1996. Click on the thumbnail to get a larger version. Click on that larger version to get the original full size image.

RenderWorld Images

RenderWorld Movies