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Student Projects

CPSC 8190 Class Videos (Multiple Years) CPSC 4160/6160 Class Videos (Multiple Years)
Physically-based Physical Effects 2D Game Engine Construction
Various Students Various Students

Live Gaze Playback of 360 Degree Videos(2023) Feynman Path Radiative Transfer on the GPU (2023)
Dylan Bruss Brennen Taylor

Rigid Body Dynamics of Ship Hulls via Hydrostatic Forces calculated from FFT Ocean Height Fields (2021) Creating a Low-Cost Virtual Camera System (2022) Effects Of Surface Noise On Printing Artifacts: An Artistic Approach To Hiding Print Artifacts (2022)
Gonna need a b-bag Gives you the warm noisies

demo video

Reagan Burke Dylan Bruss Samuel New

TAMU Viz Masters Thesis Head Scratcher
Jump video
Soumitra Goswami DPA 8600 Team DPA 8600 Team

The Edmund Fitzgerald (2018) Implementation and Applications of Art-directable Ocean Simulation Tools (2018) Amebros (2019)
Initial R&D Mitosis Buddies

TAMU Honors Students Jingcong Zhang DPA 8600 Team

Procedural Spanish Moss Renderman Shader (2017) Bait (2017) Rendering 3D Fractals (2018)
Moss on trees Day After the Ninth Wave Fractal world

large version
Summer Benton DPA 8600 Team Zachary Shore

Bug Spray (2016) A Dynamic Hair Rigging System in Maya (2016) A Journey Through Space: Creating Vibrant Nebulae using Volumetrics (2017)
A pleasant evening A hairy situation A space odyssey

Team Uni Wyndham Batton Christian Weeks

Dragon Slayer Short Film: Modeling and Rigging a Quadraped Dragon (2016) Teleportation in "Misfit Mice" - Combining Simulation and Attribute Driven Animation (2016) Animated Film Production Process: The Creation of "Gear Up" and Scene Lighting Using the Arnold Renderer (2016)
William Glover Doug Rizeakos Kevin Boggs

To Shell and Back (2015) Ant Eater (2016) Radiative Transfer Using Path Integrals for Mutiple Scattering in Participating Media (2016)
The king (crab) has no clothes Just desserts Lots and lots of Monte Carlo

Publication pdf
Team Dynamo Team Rumble Paul Kilgo

RATS (2015) Misfit Mice (2015) Craving Crustacean (2015)
Reach for the Stars.... Super powers are scary Big ambition
Team TARS Team 860 Team Roomba

Ocean Surface Shader (2015) Artist-Oriented Surfacing Workflow (2015) Creating Abstract Motion Sculptures Through Simulation (2015)
Renderman shader for ocean displacement Pipeline for mari-based surfacing A museum that would be fun to visit
Kara Gundersen Gina Nearing Jon Barry

Peanut Butter Jelly: An Animated Short Film (2015) Volumetric Cloud Rendering: An Animation of Clouds (2014) Random Path Generation (2014)
A short film of current interest (thesis) An interpretation of a chinese children's fable Multiple scatter via Feynman Path Integral
Alex Beaty Zhaoxin Ye Paul Kilgo

Efficient Control of Assets in a Modern Production Pipeline (2014) Underwater God Rays from a Custom Volume Renderer (2014) Environmental FX for Multiple Productions (2014)
A publish/subscribe system A custom volume renderer for PBJ Dust hit for PBJ and other productions
Tim Curtis Gowthaman Ilango Hugh Kinsey

3D Fractal Flame Wisps (2013) The Rusterizer: An Art-Directable and Semi-Procedural Tool for Generating Rust Surfaces (2014) MeshPotato: A C++/Python API for Production Volumetric Rendering (2014)
An art project using volumetric wisps (thesis pdf) A maya/prman tool for procedural rust A OpenVDB based volume tool kit
Yujie Shu Karen Stritzinger Kacey Coley

Robo+Repair (2013) QA-ARM-A (2013) Alien Oasis (2013)
A robot is missing a part. A factory robot has one of those days. A water-searching robot finds it.
Team Jarvis Team Megazord Team 860
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A Mathematical Framework for Volume Modeling and Simulation (2012) A Node Based Volume Modeling and Rendering Toolkit for Python (2012) THE EXPLOSION EFFECT: A Customized Volume FX Production Pipeline (2012)
Procedural volumes in C++ and OpenCL Procedural volumes in C++ and Houdini Mixed procedural and sim explosion
Brandon Pelfrey Justin Kern Hongyuan Jia

Clemson World Digital Cover: Deep Orange Arrives (2011)
A very quick project with a small but effective team
Mattias Volante, Casey Johnson, Ashwin Bangalore