Data Driven 2D Game Development with SDL 2.0

Brian A. Malloy, PhD

Eliminating Constants

In this video, we eliminate global constants in class RenderContext by using XML tags in xmlSpec/game.xml.

Almost Infinite Horizontal

In this video, we explain how we achieve almost infinite horizontal scrolling.

Parallax Scrolling

This video contains an explanation of how to implement parallax scrolling using the tracker framework.

Making Many Sprites

We show how to make a lot of sprites bounce around a window by tweaking the velocity used in the constructor to initialize a Sprite.

Painter's Algorithm (SDL1.2)

This video demonstrates Painter's algorithm, a technique that works well with parallax scrolling to create the illusion of depth.

Making a Player (SDL1.2)

In this video we demonstrate how to incorporate player mechanics into an object in your video game. We begin with an illustration of keyboard bounce and we then move to an illustration of moving the player.


This video describes how to subclass the Sprite class to make a ShootingSprite class.

An Object Pool

This video demonstrates an object pool where we pool bullets. We show that we really need very little "ammo" if we reuse the spent bullets.

Project Name

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