IBM Advanced Computing Systems -- Quote from Computing Surveys

Mark Smotherman. May 26, 2010

Saul Rosen, "Electronic computers: a historical survey," ACM Computing Surveys, vol. 1, no. 1, March 1969, pp. 7-36.

[The following paragraph appears on p. 29 in his section on supercomputers, after a discussion of the Slotnick-Amdahl debate at the 1967 SJCC.]

Dr. Amdahl was himself involved in the design of a new Advanced Computer System (ACS) for IBM in Sunnyvale, California. Although nothing could be then be said about this new computer, it was rumored to be a single processor machine with performance goals on the order of 100-200 million operations per second. That ACS project was apparently dropped in 1968 in line with an IBM policy to avoid the introduction of new computers that are not software compatible with the 360 series discussed in the section on the third generation.

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