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Mark Smotherman
last updated January 2, 2017


ACS never made it out of the laboratory; I suppose it was too big and expensive, but for me it was probably the most exciting project I have ever been involved in. In reflecting on this, I believe that what made it particularly exciting was that we were a small team, mostly hand-picked by Jack Bertram, and we pioneered every aspect of the project....

My only regret about ACS is that unlike compiler ideas, we did not take the time to publish our ideas on hardware so others could build on them.

-- John Cocke, Turing Award Lecture (CACM, March 1988)

A partial list of the impact of the ACS efforts includes:

Here are some contributions of ACS to IBM in particular and to the field of computer design and engineering in general:

Further work was done at IBM in the 1970s on superscalar S/370s, but few, if any, public documents exist.

US Patents associated with ACS techniques

IBM Technical Disclosures associated with ACS techniques

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