Itanium Subroutines

Mark Smotherman. Last updated September 2002.

(under construction)

IA-64 uses overlapping register windows of variable sizes along with unique
RSE (register stack engine) which automatically spills/fills registers to/from
memory (along with NaT bits)

   dedicated registers

        cfm - current frame marker, contains these fields
       - register rename base for predicate registers
       - register rename base for floating-point registers
       - register rename base for general registers
                sor - size of rotating portion of stack frame
                sol - size of locals portion of stack frame
                sof - size of stack frame
        pfs - previous function state (contains pfm - previous frame marker)
        rsc - register stack configuration, contains fields that control
                aggressiveness of RSE
        bsp - backing store pointer
        bspstore - backing store pointer for memory stores
        rnat - RSE NaT collection

   register conventions

        r12 - stack pointer

   subroutine instructions

        (bp) b1 = subr - call branch with branch predicate (bp)

                current value of the cfm along with other values are saved into
                the pfs register; new stack frame consists of only caller's out
                registers; return address placed in branch register b1

        (bp) br.ret b2 - return branch with branch predicate (bp)

                cfm along with other values are restored from the pfs register;
                caller's stack frame is restored

   special instructions for register windows

        alloc r1 = ar.pfs,i,l,o,r - allocate stack frame

                the previous function state register copied to r1;
                four parameters are
                        i - size of inputs
                        l - size of locals
                        o - size of outputs, and
                        r - size of rotating portion of registers
                new sof = i+l+o (can be at max = 96)
                new sol = i+l

        flushrs - flush register stack to backing store

   generated assembly code for Itanium from gcc 2.96 (optimization turned on)

        void main() {         main:
          void swap();          .prologue 12, 33
          int a,b;              .save ar.pfs, r34
          a = 5; b = 44;        alloc r34 = ar.pfs, 0, 3, 2, 0
          swap(&a,&b);          .fframe 16
        }                       adds r12 = -16, r12
                                adds r14 = 16, r12
                                addl r15 = 44, r0
                                .save rp, r33
                                mov r33 = b0
                                mov r36 = r14
                                addl r14 = 5, r0
                                st4 [r36] = r14, 4
                                adds r14 = 16, r12
                                st4 [r36] = r15
                                mov r35 = r14
                       b0 = swap#
                                mov ar.pfs = r34
                                mov b0 = r33
                                .restore sp
                                adds r12 = 16, r12
                                br.ret.sptk.many b0

        void swap(x,y)        swap:
        int *x,*y;              .prologue
        {                       .body
          int temp;             ld4 r15 = [r32]
          temp = *x;            ld4 r14 = [r33]
          *x = *y;              ;;
          *y = temp;            st4 [r32] = r14
          return;               st4 [r33] = r15
        }                       br.ret.sptk.many b0

   (assembly code for swap() is 34 instructions long with no optimization)

(to do: RSE)

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