CPSC 8110: Technical Character Animation

Course Overview

INSTRUCTOR: Sophie Joerg
OFFICE HOURS: Tue 1:30-2:30pm, and by appointment, McAdams 318
SEMESTER: Spring 2018
TIME: TTh 9:30-10:45am
LOCATION: McAdams 110E

Paper Presentations

Date Topic Presentations
March 20-22 Spring Break -
March 27Faces and Eyes -
March 29Emotion And Style Evan Andreas Aristidou, Qiong Zeng, Efstathios Stavrakis, KangKang Yin, Daniel Cohen-Or, Yiorgos Chrysanthou, and Baoquan Chen. Emotion control of unstructured dance movements. Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA) 2017. [paper] [video]
Kira Yunfei Bai, Danny M. Kaufman, C. Karen Liu, Jovan Popović. Artist-Directed Dynamics for 2D Animation. ACM Transactions on Graphics 2016.
April 3Rigging, Skinning, IK Jessica Tomohiko Mukai and Shigeru Kuriyama. Efficient Dynamic Skinning with Low-Rank Helper Bone Controllers ACM Transactions on Graphics 2016.
Xin Keith Grochow, Steven L. Martin, Aaron Hertzmann, Zoran Popović. Style-based Inverse Kinematics. ACM Transactions on Graphics 2004.
April 5Motion Capture and Physics Mai Peng Huang, Margara Tejera, John Collomosse, and Adrian Hilton. Hybrid Skeletal-Surface Motion Graphs for Character Animation from 4D Performance Capture. ACM Transactions on Graphics 2015.
Junfeng Wenping Zhao, Jianjie Zhang, Jianyuan Min, and Jinxiang Chai. Robust realtime physics-based motion control for human grasping. ACM Transactions on Graphics 2013. [paper][video]
April 10Project review -
April 12Controlling Animations Yupeng Martin Guay, Marie-Paule Cani, and Rémi Ronfard. The line of action: an intuitive interface for expressive character posing, video. ACM Transactions on Graphics 2013.
April 17Character Animation in VR Hameeda Markus Höll, Markus Oberweger, Clemens Arth, and Vincent Lepetit. Efficient Physics-Based Implementation for Realistic Hand-Object Interaction in Virtual Reality. IEEE VR 2018. (paper on canvas)
Yiming Gokcen Cimen, Ye Yuan, Robert W. Sumner, Stelian Coros, and Martin Guay Interacting with Intelligent Characters in AR. Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Meets Virtual and Augmented Worlds 2017.
April 19Machine Learning
in Character Animation
Ziyun Daniel Holden, Taku Komura, and Jun Saito. Phase-Functioned Neural Networks for Character Control. ACM Transactions on Graphics 2017.
Victor Sarah Taylor, Taehwan Kim, Yisong Yue, James Krahe, Anastasio Garcia Rodriguez, Jessica Hodgins, Moshe Mahler, and Iain Matthews. A Deep Learning Approach for Generalized Speech Animation. ACM Transactions on Graphics 2017. [supplementary]
April 24Project review -
April 26Further Topics