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CPSC 8170 -- Physically Based Animation

Fall 2018

Flocking and Interacting Particle Systems

Homework Assignment 3

Due: Sunday Oct. 14


This is your opportunity to try your hand at an interacting particle or a flocking algorithm. The parameters for this assignment are loose. Simply make a simulation involving interacting particles, following a set of rules that produce some form of interesting behavior. Flocking is a suggested way to get strong behavior. A gravity or electrostatic simulation is another. This should be done without any "global" overseer controlling all of the particles. Each particle should be independent, making decisions purely on information available to it about the surrounding particles.

Ways of building some control in, without a global controller, are building an enclosing volume that keeps the particles confined, or for flocking using a hand choreographed "lead boid" who looks to the other boids like one of the flock, but you move it along a fixed path. You can improve the motion by building an obstacle avoidance system, and placing obstacles in the environment.