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CPSC 8170: Physically Based Animation

Fall 2018


Turn-in Procedure

You will turn in all assignments via a web interface at: http://handin.cs.clemson.edu.

On this page you will be able to log in, and go to the help pages for all information on how to submit an assignment. Our course is CPSC 8170-001 for students at Clemson, and CPSC 8170-843 for students in Charleston. The homework projects have appropriate names on the course page.

Before turning in your work, please follow these instructions. This is very important, since we process your assignments via an automated script.

  1. Make a directory named with your Clemson username in lower case. Do not add any additional text!
  2. Please include a plain text README document (not .pdf or .docx) that gives any instructions needed to run the program.
  3. Place all of your work in a flat-structured directory. There should be no subdirectories. Delete all .o and executable files, and any IDE project files.
  4. tar and gzip your directory, or zip your directory. If your username were monty, then your zipped file would be named either monty.tar.gz, or monty.tgz, or monty.zip
  5. Turn in only this zipped directory.