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CPSC 8170 -- Physically Based Animation

Fall 2018

Rigid Body Simulation

Homework Assignment 5

Due: Tuesday Nov. 13


This week, you are to redo your springy object simulation, or do an entirely new configuration, but this time using rigid body simulation. You should build one or more simple rigid polyhedral structures, and have them behave dynamically in a simulated environment. Continue using the Runga-Kutta fourth-order integration scheme, and your collision detection code for particles and planes. Particle collision detection will not always work correctly between polyhedra because collisions might be edge-edge rather than corner-face collisions. However, if you put one polyhedron within a box, vertex-face collisions are the only ones that will occur. You will, however, have to modify your collision response code to impart the right impulse to the rigid body to get the appropriate reflection of the colliding vertex's velocity.

If you are having fits getting your collision response code to work correctly, you can do a simpler simulation. Connect a springy strut to the ceiling and hang a rigid body from it. Start it bouncing around, and the strut forces on the rigid body should cause it to bounce around and induce rotations.

Please feel free to use the Baraff and Witkin Siggraph course notes freely, including code, in your implementation.