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CPSC 8170 -- Physically Based Animation

Fall 2018

Final Project

Each student is responsible for completing a course final project of their own design. You are to submit a proposal for your project, have it approved, and then complete it according to the schedule below. Projects can be individual or can be a small group project (2 or 3 persons maximum). For a group project, it should be clear in the proposal who will be responsible for what part of the project. Ideally, the project should incorporate concepts covered in the course, preferably pushing the ideas further in order to produce an interesting visual effect. Examples from the past have included: a water wheel with particle water, a flag blowing in the wind, fireworks, penguin wars (advanced behavioral flocking), fluid simulation, etc. It would be great if attention were paid to either visual or interaction quality. For example, you might consider rendering frames to produce an animation, or you might consider a physically based interactive game. To enhance visual quality, students in the past have output motion to Maya, and then used Maya to produce high quality visuals.

Proposal Due: Sunday, Nov. 11. Web page describing proposed project (submit as Proposal)

Proposal Reviews and Approval: In class, Monday, Nov. 12

Project Due: Tuesday, Dec. 4. Content varies per contract with each individual student. (submit as Project)

Project Reviews: In class, Wednesday Dec. 5. We will probably need extra time for this.

Submit Frames for Demo Reel: By Monday Dec. 10. We will determine in class how frames should be submitted.

Class Demo Reel Review: During Final Exam Period, 3:00 p.m, Friday, Dec. 14.