My current research is primarily in two areas:

  • Human aspects of software development, including both software engineering and CS education: the nature of the novice to expert transition, the impact of pair programming, the complications that arise when dealing with concurrency, and the relative effectiveness of various languages, tools, diagrams and software engineering displays in the context of programming with concurrency.
  • Human aspects of bioinformatics, especially the effective design of user interfaces and tools for bioinformatics; applications to EuPathDB , a web-based database covering the eukaryotic pathogens in the genera Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Leishmania, Neospora, Plasmodium, Toxoplasma, Trichomonas and Trypanosoma.

Recent/selected publications in human aspects of software development:

  • Z. Li and E. Kraemer. "Social Effects of Pair Programming Mitigate Impact of Bounded Rationality, ” SIGCSE '14: 45th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, Atlanta, GA, March 2014, to appear.
  • Z. Li, C. Plaue, and E. Kraemer. "A spirit of camaraderie: The impact of pair programming on retention," 2013 IEEE Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEE&T), IEEE, San Francisco, CA, May 2013.
  • Z. Li and E. Kraemer. “Programming with Concurrency: Threads, Actors, and Coroutines,” EduPar-13, Third NSF/TCPP Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing Education, Boston, MA, May 2013.
  • Z. Li, Z. Zhao, and E. Kraemer, “Characterizing Comprehension of Concurrency Concepts,” 22nd Annual Workshop of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group (PPIG 2010), Leganes-Madrid, Spain, September 2010, pp. 2-11.
  • S. D. Fleming, E. Kraemer, R.E.K. Stirewalt and L. K. Dillon, “Debugging Concurrent Software: A Study Using Multithreaded Sequence Diagrams,” IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centered Computing (VL/HCC ’10), Leganes-Madrid, Spain, September 2010.
  • S. Xie, E. Kraemer, R.E.K. Stirewalt, L.K. Dillon and S.D. Fleming, “Assessing the Benefits of Synchronization-Adorned Sequence Diagrams: Two Controlled Experiments”, SoftVis ’08: 4th ACM Symposium on Software Visualization, Ammersee, Germany, September 16-17, 2008, pp. 9-18.
  • S.D. Fleming, E. Kraemer, R.E.K. Stirewalt, L.K. Dillon, L.K. and S. Xie, “Refining Existing Theories of Program Comprehension During Maintenance for Concurrent Software”, ICPC ’08: The 16th IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 10-13, 2008, pp. 23-32.
  • S.D. Fleming, E. Kraemer, R.E.K. Stirewalt, S. Xie and L.K. Dillon, “A Study of Student Strategies for the Corrective Maintenance of Concurrent Software”, 30th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE2008), Leipzig, Germany, May 10-18, 2008, pp. 759-768.
  • S.D. Fleming, R.E.K. Stirewalt and E. Kraemer, “Toward a Task Model of Concurrent Software Maintenance”, 1st ACM International Workshop on Empirical Assessment of Software Engineering Languages and Technologies (WEASELTech’07), Atlanta, Georgia, November 5, 2007, pp. 23-24.

Recent/selected publications in bioinformatics:

  • C. Aurrecoechea, A. Barreto, J Brestelli, B.P. Brunk, S. Cade, R. Doherty, S. Fischer, B. Gajria, X. Gao, A. Gingle, G. Grant, O. S. Harb, M. Heiges, S. Hu, J. Iodice, J. C. Kissinger, E. T. Kraemer, W. Li, D. F. Pinney, B. Pitts, D. S. Roos, G. Srinivasamoorthy, C. J. Stoeckert Jr., H. Wang, and S. Warrenfeltz, “EupathDB: The Eukaryotic Pathogen database,” Nucleic Acids Research (1 January 2013) 41 (D1): D684-D691.
  • S. Fischer, C. Aurrecoechea, B. P. Brunk, X. Gao, O. S. Harb, E. T. Kraemer, C. Pennington, C. Treatman, J. C. Kissinger, D. S. Roos, and C. J. Stoeckert, “The strategies WDK: a graphical search interface and web development kit for functional genomics databases,” Database, Vol. 2011 published online June 23, 2011, doi:10.1093/database/bar027.
  • C. Aurrecoecha, A. Barreto, J. Brestelli, B. P. Brunk, E. V. Caler, S. Fischer, B. Gajria, X. Gao, A. Gingle, G. Grant, O. S. Harb, M. Heiges, J. Iodice, J. C. Kissinger, E. T. Kraemer, W. Li, V. Nayak, C. Pennington, D. F. Pinney, B. Pitts, D. S. Roos, G. Srinivasamoorthy, C. J. Stoeckert, C. Treatman, H. Wang, “AmoebaDB and MicrosporidiaDB: functional genomic resources for Amoebozoa and Microsporidia species, “ Nucleic acids research, Vol. 39, No. Database issue. (January 2011) doi:10.1093/nar/gkq1006.
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