Selected Publications:

  1. Tyler Allen and Rong Ge. In-Depth Analyses of Unified Virtual Memory System for GPU Accelerated Computing. Accepted to the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC21), Nov 2021.
  2. Rong Ge, Xizhou Feng, Tyler Allen, and Pengfei Zou. The Case for Cross-Component Power Coordination on Power Bounded Systems (link). IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems. 32 (10), 2464-2476, 2021.
  3. Thomas Randall, Tyler Allen, and Rong Ge. FULL-W2V: Fully Exploiting Data Reuse for W2V on GPU-Accelerated Systems (link). The International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS'21), June 2021. (Best Paper Award). video, slides (short, long), source.
  4. Pengfei Zou, Ang Li, Kevin Barker, and Rong Ge. Detecting Anomalous Computation with RNNs on GPU-Accelerated HPC Machines (link). Proceedings of the 49th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP). Sept. 2020.
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Other Publications:

  1. Pengfei Zou, Ang Li, Kevin Barker, and Rong Ge. Indicator-Directed Dynamic Power Management for Iterative Workloads on GPU-Accelerated Systems (link). 20th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Internet Computing (CCGRID). May 2020.
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  4. Pengfei Zou, Tyler Allen, Claude Davis, Xizhou Feng, and Rong Ge. Clip: Cluster-Level Intelligent Power Coordination for Power-Bounded Systems (link). IEEE International Conference on Cluster, 2017.
  5. Ziliang Zong, Rong Ge, and Qijun Gu. Marcher: A Heterogeneous System Supporting Energy-Aware High Performance Computing and Big Data Analytics (link). Big Data Research. 2017.

Book Chapters:

  1. Rong Ge and Kirk Cameron. Power-Aware High Performance Computing, Book chapter in “Energy Efficient Distributed Computing Systems”. Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Press. 2012, pages 39-80.
  2. Kirk W. Cameron, Rong Ge, Xizhou Feng, Designing Computational Clusters for Performance and Power, Advances in Computers, 2007.


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