Looking Across the Uncanny Valley: Enhanced Gaze Modeling for Virtual Characters




Eye movements play a key role in human communication, yet they remain a significant stumbling block for humanoid animation. Computer generated avatars currently lack realistic gaze, which subconsciously distracts viewers and thereby detracts from the usefulness of the many applications that employ these graphical actors. This project represents a collaboration between two investigators with complementary skills who will tackle the problem by developing a holistic model of gaze dynamics for avatars, which combines detailed real-world measurements, signal analysis, and perceptual experiments to generate improved synthetic eye movement animations.


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Data and Models

Head shot of model Cheryl Screenshot of robot model Chip

We have created the Cheryl Model and the Chip Model as well as recorded the gaze data as part of this project. We used them in the publications in TAP 2018 and at SAP 2019, where you can find a brief description of them.

Cheryl Model
Chip Model (robot)
Gaze Data

Funding and Acknowledgments

This research is supported by: NSF IIS-1423189